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Egipt - trasa wycieczki


Polish pilgrims have been visiting the Holy Land since modern times. One of them was Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł, known as the Orphan, who went on a journey fulfilling a solemn wedding during a serious illness. He described his peregrinations in the diary entitled Journey to the Holy Land, Syria and Egypt 1582-1584. He was the first to describe one of the pyramids and the Sphinx, appreciating their architectural values. Regardless of the danger, he also set off up the Nile, reaching the Valley of the Kings. Radziwiłł almost cost his journey with his life when he and his companions were stopped by the Turks, who wanted to sell them as slaves. A certain Jew born in Chełm, who obtained their release from the Turks, saved him from the trouble.

Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł zwany Sierotką


Few people know that we owe our fascination with ancient Egypt to Napolen Bonaparte. During the Egyptian campaign in 1798, along with Napoleon's troops, a group of scientists of various specialties also arrived, and they published the collected information in a 12-volume work entitled Describing Egypt. During this period, Napoleon's adjutant was Józef Sułkowski, a Polish nobleman of the Sulima coat of arms. The brave Pole took part in several battles, including in Alexandria and under the pyramids. Sułkowski died in October 1798 during a fight with an insurgent unit. To honor the memory of the Pole, Napoleon named one of the forts near Cairo after him. Sułkowski's name was also inscribed on the southern column of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Adiutant Napoleona Józef Sułkowski

Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh

2010, 2011, 2012

Egipt - Sharm El Sheikh

We visited Egypt many times at different times of the year. Three of these trips, spent in the popular resort of Sharm El Sheikh, were typical leisure trips. During our stay, we practically did not leave the hotel, devoting ourselves only to sweet laziness.

To ensure a comfortable stay, we took advantage of the offers of proven travel agencies and, as usual, we purchased the all inclusive option. The hotels were classic "tourist complexes" but had nice gardens and were situated on the seafront. In Egypt, alcoholic drinks are not the best, so we wisely stocked up on good drinks in the duty free zone. For the next two weeks our only worries were sunbathing, swimming, walking and...partying hard.



nasz hotel synogarlica senegalska odpływ nasze molo Kontenerowiec nurkowanie to jedna z tutejszych atrakcji wrak statku Na polowaniu ryba węgorzokształtna Chwila zadumy ale tu pięknie ruch jak na Marszałkowskiej spacer w takim miejscu to prawdziwa przyjemność płytkie wody tętnią życiem na polowaniu rurecznica na polowaniu Jeżowce, lepiej na nie nie nadepnąć dzisiaj się nie poszczęściło

During this vacation, we had the most exclusive hotel we had previously stayed in. Usually, we do not pay much attention to the place of residence, but this facility with its impressive infrastructure and several themed restaurants made a big impression on us. Besides, we remembered him well for a completely different reason, it was here that our son was conceived !


budynek hotelowy I to rozumiem dziedziniec wewnętrzny Przy tym stoliku kawa smakowała mi najbardziej pamiątkowa fotka promenada statki wycieczkowe też bym tak chciał można się poczuć samotnym odpływ

It has been a very difficult year for me, a lot of work and stress associated with it. That is why I decided to regenerate in a place where we had already rested. The four-star hotel did not knock your feet, but it also couldn't be faulted. Unfortunately, my stay was overshadowed by the injury I suffered while playing volleyball. I tore my Achilles tendon, which made it necessary to put a cast on my leg.


widok z naszego balkonu w aqua parku Zabawa samemu jest nudna Z kim by sie tu pobawić We dwoje raźniej Kto mi naleje wody ? Wszystko muszę robić sam W ferworze zabawy ale fajnie Na dzisiaj to by było na tyle

Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh were our second family trip. Julek started to walk, so he needed much more attention than in the previous year. Fortunately, we met a young couple from Poland who had a girl the same age as our son. Games together were much easier to organize and supervise, so we had more time to ourselves.

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