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Traveling is our passion

We love to travel. We are interested in sightseeing and active recreation. During our trips, we try to get to know the history and culture of the visited countries, as well as observe the everyday life of their inhabitants. We visit museums and art galleries, we are interested in historical buildings, castles, palaces and the wonders of modern architecture. We also visit reserves, national parks and botanical gardens. We browse local marketplaces and visit places where native people meet. We photograph a lot during each trip. The notes on the pages of the website reflect our memories and impressions, feelings and emotions accompanying us during the journey. However, we avoid providing information that can be found in the guide.

The report from each trip is presented on a separate page of the website. In the upper part of the right column you will find general departure information. Below are the photos, grouped into thematic blocks with a short description, which is a commentary on the photographic material. If, during the trip, we also visited a region or city in another country, the report from such a trip is placed in the same thematic block. The photos in the galleries are taken by us and selected as the most interesting among hundreds of photos taken during each trip. We try to place them in such a way that they tell the story themselves, like movie frames. In the left column of the website there are maps that we have made, showing the routes of our trips. However, below we present interesting facts from the sphere of history, culture and art related thematically to the places visited. We try to emphasize the information that is directly or indirectly related to Poland and the achievements of our compatriots abroad. We also post videos and photos of places or objects worth seeing and remembering, which for various reasons were difficult or impossible to photograph.

If our journeys inspire someone to visit the countries and places we have been, it will be our greatest satisfaction. We cordially invite you to view and comment on the photo gallery from our expeditions.

refrigerator magnets

Many people think that putting magnets on the refrigerator is very embarrassing. We have a different opinion. We don't just treat them as souvenirs from trips. These are our memories ! Photos reminiscent of travels undertaken are either on the hard drive in computer, or in a photo album lying on a bookshelf somewhere. However, magnets are at hand, We look at them every day. After all, we are in the kitchen many times a day, day after day, all year round. When we buy magnets we choose them so that they best reflect the character of a given country, region, city or most famous monument. Each of them evokes others memories allows us to return for a moment in our imagination to the places we visited and liked. And that's very cool !

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