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Cypr - trasa wycieczki


The Orthodox male monastery of Kykkos, situated on the mountain of the same name, in the Troodos mountain range. The monastery, whose patron is the Mother of God, was founded by Alexius I Comnenus at the end of the 11th century. The leading leader of the national liberation struggle against British rule on the island, General George Griwas, established his headquarters near the monastery. The monks of the monastery gave him unflagging support for a long time, and one of them, Makarios III, became their spiritual leader. The archbishop, however, opposed the use of terrorist methods in the fight for independence. Here also the head of the Cypriot Orthodox Church and the future president of the Republic of Cyprus were buried. Today, Kykkos is not only a religious, but also a national place of pilgrimage for Greek Cypriots, as we saw during our visit to the monastery.


The city of Paphos, located on the west coast of Cyprus, was famous in antiquity for the magnificent temple of Aphrodite and the worship of her name. According to the legend, the Greek goddess of love was to emerge from the sea foam not far from this place. At a small, pebble beach, 20 km from the city, rocks called Petra tou Romiou or Roman Rocks rise from the sea. Today, the birthplace of the goddess has been given the name "Rock of Aphrodite" for commercial reasons. In a beauty contest between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, the latter promised Paris Helena, the wife of Menelaus of Sparta, for the title of the most beautiful woman in the world, which directly contributed to unleashing the Trojan War. Aphrodite was worshiped especially by women who saw her as the patroness of marriage. Due to her relationship with the sea, she was worshiped by sailors, as well as in port cities. Looking at the impressive canvas of the Italian master Sandra Botticelli "The Birth of Venus" it is actually difficult to judge where the birth took place.

Cyprus - Pafos, Troodos

September 2011

Mozaika z Pafos

Holidays in Cyprus were our second visit to the island of Aphrodite. This time, however, it had a completely unique character. For the first time we went on a holiday with our son. As we previously lived in the eastern part of the island in the Agia Napa area, this year we decided to go to Paphos on the west coast.

We have been wondering for a long time whether a flight to Cyprus with a child of less than one year is a good idea. It turned out that our fears were in vain. During take-off Julek drank milk, fell asleep tasty and woke up only during the landing. Holidays with a baby are a great challenge for parents, as most of the time has to be devoted to the baby. Fortunately, Julek always liked driving, so we could go together on a trip to the Troodos Mountains and around Paphos and visit places that we did not reach during our previous stay in Cyprus.


Julek is resting

Kiedy wreszcie dadzą mi się zrelaksować ? Beztroska zabawa jak wam się podobają moje kąpielówki ? Szczęśliwe chwile z tatą Tato, gdzie masz okulary ? Uśmiech od ucha do ucha Czas coś przekąsić Gdzie jutro pojedziemy na wycieczkę ?

On the spot, Julek very quickly adapted to the new conditions and rested, preferring mainly to lie on a deckchair, carry on his arms and take long walks in a pram. He took lightly the beautiful weather, picturesque landscapes and hotel attractions, and his favorite activity was to eat a meal and cut down a mosquito. After considering all the pros and cons, your first vacation may be a success.

Paphos and surroundings

Skała Afrodyty w okolicy Pafos Pamiątkowa fotka Malownicze ruiny antycznego miasta Kourion Mozaika w Domu Eustoliosa z V w.n.e. Kourion, rzymski amfiteatr z II w.n.e. Kolosi, twierdza joannitów z XV w. Kaplica zamkowa, fresk z XV/XVI w. Polis, kościółek Agia Kyriaki z XVIII w. Okolice Polis, gaje oliwne Łaźnie Afrodyty są zdecydowanie przereklamowane Po obiadku najlepiej trochę sie poruszać Malownicze wybrzeże Peja, plaża Coral Bay Peja, kościół Agios Georgios Średniowieczny kościół Panagia Chrissipolitissa Wnętrze kościoła Panagia Chrissipolitissa Ikonostas w kościele Panagia Chrissipolitissa Pręgierz przy którym był biczowany św. Paweł Promenada w Pafos Słodziaki

We visited the archaeological park in Paphos during our stay on the island in 2009. Therefore, this time we visited only the Church of Panagia Chrissopolitissa with a pillory next to which, according to the legend, St. Paul during the flogging punishment. The area around the city is picturesque, but some attractions, such as Baths of Aphrodite and Coral Beach, are overrated. But what is not done to earn some money.

Troodos Mountains

Góry Trodos Kykko - najsłynniejszy monastyr na Cyprze Flaga grecka na dzwonnicy monastyru Kykkos Wiele malunków powstalo całkiem niedawno Zwiedzających zachwycają boagto zdobione sklepienia Na mnicha bym się nie nadawał Grób Makariosa to cel pielgrzymek Cypryjczyków Wioska Omodos, tutaj nikomu się nie spieszy Miejscowa koronczarka Oryginalne koronki do wyboru do koloru Średniowieczna tłocznia wina w Omodos Feeria zieleni Klasztor Krzyża Świętego z XII w. Wnętrze świątyni klasztornej z relikwią krzyża Ikona przedstawiająca Podwyższenie Krzyża Świętego Pamiątkowa fotka

The most famous monastery in Cyprus, Kykko surprised us unpleasantly. We expected a meeting with poor monks leading a godly life filled with work and prayer, and we saw businessmen in the habits of managing the monastery's hotels, restaurants and earthly goods. Fortunately, a visit to the mountain village of Omodos took us back in time and made time stand still.

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