Notes of sightseeing enthusiasts

About my son

Julek JULEK - native of Krakow. Always full of vigor and energy, he can't stay in one place for a long time. Smart and observant, curious about the world around him, he asks lots of questions. Enthusiast of planes and everything related to them. Current interests - computer games and flight simulators, current dream - to become a pilot. An individualist, does not like to follow the beaten track, keen telemaniac. Very sociable, although at first glance it may seem shy, chatterbox. Consistent in pursuit of the goal, especially if this target is cold and melts in your mouth.

When traveling, it is not that important how many countries we visit. Much more important is where we were, what we experienced and how it influenced our perception of the surrounding world, other people and ourselves.

Julek has already visited 9 countries and 1 dependent territory.

Julek's travels (chronologically)

- Greece - Chalkidiki
- UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi
- Croatia - Zadar, Sibenik
- Italy - Sicily
- Spain - Andalusia, United Kingdom - Gibraltar
- Bulgaria - northeast region
- Spain - Canary Islands, Fuerteventura
- Bulgaria - the Central Region and The Coast
- Tunisia - northern part
- Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh
- Greece - Kos
- Cyprus - Pafos