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Włochy, Francja, Grecja - trasa wycieczki


One of the most famous citizens of the Venetian Republic was Giacomo Casanova. This adventurer, traveler and writer who lived in the 18th century gained his memory thanks to his "Memoirs" in which he vividly presented life in European capitals. Thanks to the numerous descriptions of love conquests contained therein, his name has become synonymous with the seducer. In 1765, Casanova came from St. Petersburg to Warsaw, he also visited Lviv and Puławy. He was kindly received by Stanisław August Poniatowski and hoped to become the royal secretary. However, these plans came to naught, because in 1766, in a pistol duel, he severely wounded the belly of the great Crown lieutenant, Franciszek Ksawery Branicki (co-founders of the Targowica Confederation). It was for the Italian dancer Teresa Casaci, and Casanova had to hide in the Reformed monastery on Senatorska Street, because his life was seriously threatened by the magnate's supporters. The echoes of this matter spread throughout Europe, and Casanova prided himself on a duel with such an important person for the rest of his life. However, he fell out of favor with the king, who in 1766 ordered him to leave the country.

Giacomo Casanova, fragment obrazu Antona Raphaela Mengsa


Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, thanks in part to the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by the French writer Victor Hugo. It was erected on an island on the Seine, called Île de la Cité, and its construction took over 180 years. In the cathedral treasury there is a reliquary of the Holy Cross tree, which was present at the coronation of Polish kings since the times of Władysław Jagiełło. Jan II Kazimierz Waza abdicated in 1668, and then left for France, where he became abbot of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. During his departure from Poland, he illegally robbed part of the crown treasury, and the treasures taken by the last Vasa never returned to the homeland. Just before his death, the king gave them to his sister-in-law, Anna Gonzaga (sister of the Polish queen Maria Gonzaga), and the latter, in turn, in 1684 gave them to the Benedictine abbey in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, located on the outskirts of Paris. Jan Kazimierz died four years after his abdication, and the cause of death was reportedly an attack of apoplexy after receiving news of the fall of Kamieniec Podolski. In 1676 he was buried in the Wawel Cathedral and his heart is in the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

relikwiarz Drzewa Krzyża Świętego, który był obecny przy koronacji królów polskich


Meteors are a sandstone and conglomerate rock massif located in central Greece, at the end of the Thessaly Plain near the city of Kalampaka. On the tops of the rocks there is a complex of Orthodox monasteries, which began to be built from the beginning of the 14th century. Monasteries accumulated huge treasures then, profiting from land estates in Thessaly, Wallachia and Moldavia. Meteors were the scenery for one of the great productions about the adventures of James Bond, entitled For Your Eyes Only, which premiered in 1981. The plot of the twelfth official film about the adventures of a British agent refers to the themes of Ian Fleming's stories, and the character of James Bond was played for the fifth time by Roger Moore. Agent 007 must this time investigate the mystery of the missing British transmitter used to manage the United Kingdom's fleet.

plakat z filmu For Your Eyes Only

Italy, France, Greece

May 1990 - July 1998

Wenecja Plac św. Marka

In the 90s of the last century, not many people went abroad. Airline tickets cost a fortune, most countries required visas, and travel was not as popular and advertised as it is today. Everyone watched programs by Tony Halik and Elżbieta Dzikowska, but ordinary Poles were just learning to discover the world.

I also did little driving. I had a few trips abroad, but I was generally used to spending my holidays in the country. In 1990, I made a business trip to Italy, and then there were two more tourist and recreational trips to France and Greece, which I organized on my own. Pictures from that period are a disgrace. Not only are they made with a traditional monkey film camera, but also prints are scanned and converted into a digital version. I guess it would be better to go back to the pictures that remained in my memories !


Venice - 1990

Sirmione, zamek rodziny Scaglierich bazylika św. Marka pałac Dożów widok z dzwonnicy św. Marka most Rialto malowniczy zaułek widok na Canal Grande z mostu Rialto hotel Danieli Riva degli Schiavoni widok na Kościół San Giorgio Maggiore budynek Komory Celnej i bazylika Santa Maria della Salute

Italy was the first Western European country I visited. Unfortunately, it was only a business delegation with its own rules, but at least I visited Venice, the town of Sirmione and I was at Lake Garda. The capital of the Venetian Republic made a stunning impression on me, but the strangest thing in my memory was a border town in Austria, drowning in lush greenery, where we had lunch.


Paris and the Castles of the Loire - 1992

katedra w Reims witraże zaprojektowane przez Marca Chagalla szklana Piramida Luwru wejście do Muzeum Luwru Mona Liza Leonarda da Vinci korona cesarska Napoleona I Wenus z Milo Centrum Pompidou gotycka katedra Notre Dame pamiątkowa fotka Uniwersytet Sorbona ogrody luxemburskie Fontanna Medici panteon dziedziniec Pałacu Inwalidów eksponat w Muzeum Armii wieża Eiffla u stóp kolosa w drodze na szczyt figury budowniczych wieży platforma widokowa dzielnica La Defence plac Pigalle kabaret Moulin Rouge montmartre, artyści na Placu Du Tertre człowiek przechodzący przez mur z powieści Marcela Aymé obelisk luksorski przy placu concorde wersak zamek Blois zamek Blois, skrzydło Ludwika XII zamek Blois, gotycka kaplica zamkowa zamek w Chambord zamek Chambord zamek w Chaumont most zwodzony studnia na dziedzińcu zamkowym renesansowa zbroja zamek Ambois dolina Loary wizyta w winiarni

Another country that I targeted was France. I bought a coach trip "Paris and Castles on the Loire" at the tourist office. This time it was a fully tourist trip, which I went on with my friend. Objazdówka was successful, although as it happens with this type of events, there was not enough time for everything. This was especially felt in the Louvre, through which we literally went through.


Olympic Riviera - 1998

plaża w Leptokarii beztroskie chwile teraz coś na ząb nauka zorby na pokładzie statku wycieczkowego trzeba zrobić zapasy przed wyprawą no to w drogę wieża zamku Platamonas Góra Olimp meteory meteory

It so happened that I had to wait several years for my next trip abroad. Greece was very popular at that time, so I chose the Olympic Riviera as my holiday destination. The nightmare bus ride, which lasted almost a day, took its toll on me in particular. Fortunately, I quickly forgot about the hardships of travel on the spot, and the time was pleasantly spent on trips, sunbathing, swimming, grilling and sipping aromatic Retsina.

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